Different Types of Dog Shock Collars & Guide

Compliant dog collars- Compliance or obedience collars are normally used along with a remote transmitter that is handheld and is also referred to as e-collars. The owner or the dog trainer holds the remote in his hand and presses on a button or buttons that relate to distinct intensity levels (of shocks). The trainer presses a knob that transmits a low, medium or high-level electrical impulse or signal to the collar depending upon the degree of the dog’s unruliness or disobedience.

Containment or Restraint Dog Collars- The restraint shock collars actually work as a system that entails the setting up of an electric grid that is either buried underground or kept concealed around a prescribed boundary. This hidden or underground lattice or wires are remotely and wirelessly connected to the shock collar. Whenever the dog tries to go out of the marked territory and oversteps his bounds, he receives a shock. The dog at first is warned via a discordant beep or through a raucous note when the canine starts to saunter or stride in the undesired direction. A shock is delivered only when the dog has strayed significantly away from the demarcated zone.

Different Types of Dog Shock Collar
Dog Shock Collars

Barking Dog Shock Collars- As the name implies, barking collars sends out shock signals when and whenever the dog barks loudly/incessantly. These devices are supplied with remote that have controls which can be adjusted or tuned in conjunction with the intensity of the bark. In other words, the harsher or louder the bark, the greater the force or severity of the shock broadcasted from the remote. Some remotes can be attuned to deliver shocks at the slightest noise or yap.

You can find the shock collar of your choice in any standard pet store or shop. Alternatively, you can go online and Google on your browser using the keywords ‘dog shock collars’ or ‘the top 7 or top 10 shock collars for dog’. After punching in the keywords, you’ll see numerous URL links opening up on the SERPs (search engine ranking pages). You’ll need to click on just a few of the links for conducting a review of a handful of shock collars.

There are some reputed and established brands of shock collars including PetSafe Yard, Petrainer, SportDOG, Dogtra, and Garmin Delta XC or Garmin Delta Sports XC. The USA alone has more than 78 million pet dogs which account for the massive popularity the canines enjoy as human beings’ favorite pet. And for countless owners, shock collars provide an effective means for keeping their pets under control. If you’re thinking about going for one, then bear in mind, that the same should always be used as the ultimate option for correcting the errant ways of your pet dog.

Breaking A Dogs Jumping Habit

Are you struggling while trying to break dogs jumping habit? The following article will address the problem of breaking dogs jumping habit and hopefully will lead you to the answers you are searching because.

Breaking A Dogs Jumping Habit:

It is likely a hard learned lesson you have learned if you have already picked up your puppy, but most young dogs are very energetic. They enjoy running and playing and become excited quite quickly. One of the more tiresome habits they develop at a young age is jumping. You should begin breaking dogs jumping habit quickly. The longer this practice is tolerated, the longer it will take to break dogs jumping habit.

Breaking A Dogs Jumping Habit

Breaking dogs jumping habit is essential since jumping up on you can be especially troublesome when they do it as a hello greeting, particularly when it is a young child or somebody who is afraid of dogs. While breaking dogs jumping habit can be a difficult job but is your obligation as the dogs master.

Popular Method To Breaking A Dogs Jumping Habit:

A very popular method used while breaking dogs jumping habit is by giving treats when you come in. Simply throw some treats on the floor, and while the dog’s attention is on the treats then greet him. Using treats as a distraction most often works to get your dogs attention away and prevents the dog from jumping on you.

If you don’t care for the treats method to train your dog, or if the plan just doesn’t work well for you, then you have to devise another method to train your dog to not jump as a form of greeting. Breaking dogs jumping habit is only one form of breaking bad behavior and should always be followed through until the particular behavior has completely stopped. Especially while breaking dogs jumping habit you should never allow your dog to jump on you or anyone else.

Important Lessons For Breaking A Dogs Jumping Habit:

One of the most important lessons while breaking dogs jumping habit, is training your dog that it is more rewarding to sit calmly than jump on you. Leave the room or maybe go outside, leaving your dog inside, then return and greet your dog calmly. If he begins to jump on you, simply ignore the behavior and turn your back.

Another good tip in breaking dogs jumping habit is when your dog has all four feet back on the floor, then turn around and greet him. If he begins to jump again, disregard the action again by turning your back. Eventually, your dog will learn that jumping doesn’t receive the desired attention, but sitting calmly will gain the praise desired.

Method Used In Breaking Dogs Jumping Habit:

This method used in breaking dogs jumping habit might take quite some time for your dog to learn, particularly if your dog is easily excited. However, if you continue these lessons long enough, he will learn that by jumping on yourself he is not going to earn your praise, and this bad behavior will result in losing your attention.

When you have completed this portion of breaking dogs jumping habit, begin to teach the dog to sit calmly for a minute or so before you greet him. If he doesn’t sit calmly, go back to the lesson of ignoring him, and then when he sits down, give praise again. This is also a fabulous time to begin teaching them to shake hands whenever he greets someone, instead of jumping on them.

Another Alternative In Breaking Dogs Jumping Habit:

Another good alternative in breaking dogs jumping habit is by enticing him and then using the praise and reward technique when he remains seated and doesn’t jump. With treats in your hand hold your hand above his head high enough that he will have to jump to reach them. When he jumps just ignore him and when he is settled down try it again.

When he decides to stay seated and not jump, give him the treats, and most importantly plenty of extra praise. By remaining calm and not jumping, he will not only get his treats, emergency receive the extra praise as well. Plenty of praise will greatly assist in breaking dogs jumping habit.

Something else which can be effective in breaking dogs jumping habit is having a designated area for your dog, and training him to go to his area when it is necessary. For instance, when you have visitors arriving.

Use A Designated Area For Breaking Dogs Jumping Habit:

To begin this lesson in breaking dogs jumping habit, you should decide on a particular spot, then make him a bed or place his blanket there with some of his favorite toys to keep him occupied. After you have his area ready take him in and stay with him for a little while. This personal attention and treats will help him attribute his designated area as a good place where he wants to spend time at.

As he becomes more comfortable with his special area, begin sending him there every so often. When starting this lesson you will need to be close to his area, and as he learns you will need to move farther away from his spot. Develop his behavior by giving him additional treats and praise each time he goes to his area when asked.

Eventually, your dog will recognize that by going to his area whenever you request him to, he will be rewarded with treats and best of all extra attention from you. This method is very productive in breaking dogs jumping habit after you have successfully worked through the greeting stage.

Largest Contribution To Breaking A Dogs Jumping Habit:

The largest contribution you can make in breaking dogs jumping habit is remembering always to be calm when greeting your dog when first arriving home. I realize it can be difficult whenever you have been gone all day not to play and wrestle with him when you get home.

However, an excited greeting on your part will only add to his excitement, and he will expect the same from anyone else that comes into his house. So until you succeeded in breaking dogs jumping habit, it will probably be advisable to simply ignore him for awhile when coming home, then you can play with him when he has settled down a bit.

Breaking dogs jumping habit will likely take some time, but your dog will soon recognize he is required to contain his excitement when greeting someone. This one tip is likely to most productive exercise in breaking dogs jumping habit.