Different Types of Dog Shock Collars & Guide

Compliant dog collars- Compliance or obedience collars are normally used along with a remote transmitter that is handheld and is also referred to as e-collars. The owner or the dog trainer holds the remote in his hand and presses on a button or buttons that relate to distinct intensity levels (of shocks). The trainer presses a knob that transmits a low, medium or high-level electrical impulse or signal to the collar depending upon the degree of the dog’s unruliness or disobedience.

Containment or Restraint Dog Collars- The restraint shock collars actually work as a system that entails the setting up of an electric grid that is either buried underground or kept concealed around a prescribed boundary. This hidden or underground lattice or wires are remotely and wirelessly connected to the shock collar. Whenever the dog tries to go out of the marked territory and oversteps his bounds, he receives a shock. The dog at first is warned via a discordant beep or through a raucous note when the canine starts to saunter or stride in the undesired direction. A shock is delivered only when the dog has strayed significantly away from the demarcated zone.

Different Types of Dog Shock Collar
Dog Shock Collars

Barking Dog Shock Collars- As the name implies, barking collars sends out shock signals when and whenever the dog barks loudly/incessantly. These devices are supplied with remote that have controls which can be adjusted or tuned in conjunction with the intensity of the bark. In other words, the harsher or louder the bark, the greater the force or severity of the shock broadcasted from the remote. Some remotes can be attuned to deliver shocks at the slightest noise or yap.

You can find the shock collar of your choice in any standard pet store or shop. Alternatively, you can go online and Google on your browser using the keywords ‘dog shock collars’ or ‘the top 7 or top 10 shock collars for dog’. After punching in the keywords, you’ll see numerous URL links opening up on the SERPs (search engine ranking pages). You’ll need to click on just a few of the links for conducting a review of a handful of shock collars.

There are some reputed and established brands of shock collars including PetSafe Yard, Petrainer, SportDOG, Dogtra, and Garmin Delta XC or Garmin Delta Sports XC. The USA alone has more than 78 million pet dogs which account for the massive popularity the canines enjoy as human beings’ favorite pet. And for countless owners, shock collars provide an effective means for keeping their pets under control. If you’re thinking about going for one, then bear in mind, that the same should always be used as the ultimate option for correcting the errant ways of your pet dog.


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